Saturday, October 8, 2022

Whose Fingerprints?

10/8/22 Daily Mail:

Video shows mystery 'wave' under Crimea bridge just before it was blown up killing three: Speculation grows that Ukraine used a boat or explosive-laden drone - despite Russian claims of truck bomb - as attack threatens Putin's supply lines 

  • A huge explosion has hit the only bridge between Crimea and Russia, a crucial supply line for Putin's forces 
  • Footage appears to show a truck exploding on the road section of the bridge and sabotage is suspected 
  • Russian officials have claimed a truck was searched on the bridge which then triggered the explosion "
The usual Russian trolls at Instapundit's comments are claiming that this has "American fingerprints."  Actually, no.  McVeigh is dead and the only method more quintessially Muslim extremist than a truck bomb would be beheading the bridge with a knife.  (Very slow and you need a lot of sharpening stones.)

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