Monday, October 10, 2022

Are There Any Teachers K-12 Out There

 Tell me what your experiences have been.  Do students read, except when forced?  Does all their spare time end up as screen time?  Are you getting the same educational results that you were expected to have?  Do they have parents?

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  1. After my third retirement, I went back to school and got state certified to teach math, physics, and engineering in grades 8-12, hoping to "give back". During student teaching, I taught and substituted in 3 different middle schools and 3 different high schools, in a mix of "advantaged" and "disadvantaged" districts.

    It's a bimodal distribution. The high motivation kids still want an academic full ride at a major college, and they are just as good or better as the top performers decades ago. The top 1% are even better than in the past, because they actually search the web for data and ask questions.

    The bottom 50% are much worse. They will graduate high school via social promotion and have 3rd grade math and reading skiils, many with the attitude that society owes them not just a living, but the glamorus rock and roll lifestyles they see on social media. Their actual workplace productivity will be abysmal.

    I see problems.