Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Be Glad Many of These Mass Shooters Know Little About the AR-15

10/25/22 Daily Mail:
"Police have not been able to explain how the gunman managed to get inside. 

They told reporters that there were seven armed guards at the scene. 

They then admitted that the guards saw the gunman trying to enter through a locked door.

Instead of shooting him, the guard told school officials that he was trying to get into the building, and police were called."

if armed security guards see a guy with a rifle trying to enter a school and their reaction is to call the police, why are they armed?  This is almost Uvalde level Keystone Kops.

Fortunately for those inside, he made a mistake common to many of the people that attempt mass murder but know nothing about the gun the news media keep telling them to use.  I will not identify that mistake here:

"Taniya Gholston, 16, recalled being in the dance room when the attacker burst in. 

She said she only survived because his gun jammed."

The police chief is claiming:

"'The gun laws in St. Louis are very broad,' said Sack. 'If someone walks down the street with a rifle, if we have no cause we can't go and talk to them. And that's one of the greatest challenges we face.'"

A guy approaches a school with a rifle and police. Annot even talk to him? Excuses.

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