Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Propaganda Is Getting Less Subtle

I was at China Buffet in Nampa last night and a Fox Channel show called The Resident was just so clumsy.  Two members of the hospital staff find a guy in the middle of the street with a gunshot wound.  One tells the other they cannot go to the closest hospital which is private because GSWs are usually uninsured and private hospitals are just looking for profit.  (But all hospitals even private are required to provide emergency care.) Then one of the characters or maybe a voice over tells us one bullet means 100 healthcare providers.  

Then we get numbers on the screen showing bullet count and two healthcare workers.  Then we get to the ER and they update the count as he moves through the process.  He has no ID and presumably no insurance.  Of course an inner city GSW would almost certainly be Hispanic or black so the GSW is white.

I wonder if these scriptwriters have any idea how clumsy this is.  The real question is how many viewers recognized this as manipulative propaganda. 

Of course, a GSW that is DOA is likely one healthcare worker and each defensive gun use likely causes no healthcare workers because no one gets shot.

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