Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Another Phishing Scheme

 Yesterday's voicemail from Emma said that she had been looking over my student loan profile and wanted to help me with the application process.  The callback number did not match the spoofed 208 phone number, of course.  The callback number was answered "Student Loans" by a guy with an almost impenetrable Slavic accent.  (Putin needs money!)  Emma was not available.  For having my "student loan profile" they were shockingly unaware that I took out a $1000 student loan in 1974, paid off in full in 1976.  Of course, when I asked about my "student loan profile," he could not get off the phone fast enough.  I wish these foreign phone exchange numbers were disabled.  FTC now has a fraud reporting page.  Use it for the next phishing scheme.  As much as the student loan forgiveness program upsets me, some victim studies major working at Starbucks is going to suffer identity theft from this one.

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