Sunday, October 9, 2022

You Can Buy ANYTHING On Amazon!

I am never astonished at what you can buy on Amazon.  Like suicide kits for teens.

I realize Amazon cannot check every vendor.  But are they really that big?

It looks like this could be an algorithm gone bad, suggesting a suicide book and anti-emetic.


  1. My understanding is that it's not actually a "kit". If you go to Amazon and search for suicide kit, you don't get anything related to actually killing yourself.

    But it seems like if you find the right package of "sodium nitrate" there will also be a "customers also bought" set of links at the bottom that give you everything else you need.

    I don't know if this is actually an algorithm thing, or someone put it together as a way of killing people (aka "sick joke").

    1. I came here to say exactly this. It's not a "kit," it's just that the algorithm noticed that people were buying some things together so when they bought one, it suggested the others.

      Exactly what do these people want Amazon to do? Send a SWAT team to kick down the door of anyone who purchases a food preservative?

      Note that they don't give two hoots in hell about the actual people committing suicide in large numbers in the USA, older white men. It's only Teh Childrens!™ who need protecting despite the fact that the least likely demographic to actually commit suicide.

      And then, it's not the fact that they locked down and isolated everyone that's the problem. It's that once they damaged everyone with their lockdowns and isolation, those evil jerks at Amazon are selling them a particular poison.

  2. I tried some searches on "suicide kit" and variants, on Amazon, and found nothing.