Friday, October 28, 2022

I Hope This is For Domestic Consumption

10/26/22 Newsweek reports that Russia is building bomb shelters throughout Moscow.  I wonder if Putin knows that with the Ukraine War lost that he can either be taken into custody or bring everything down around him, like Hitler at the end.


  1. Russia has been building bomb shelters almost continuously since the 1950s. They stopped briefly after the fall of the Soviet Union, but started up again in the late 90s.

    Most are not in the cities - or near other targets. And they do keep the decrepit one in Moscow to show media/others "see, we aren't preparing for war.

    At the outset of Ukraine war he sent his family off to what is basically an underground city east of Moscow.

    The Russians have never believed that nuclear war could not be a thing, they just never believed they could win. Hence the bomb and fallout shelters.

  2. Russia isn't the only country to build bomb and fallout shelters. Switzerland wrote the creation of shelters into their building codes in the 1950s or 60s, so that every building has a shelter. There was a referendum (in the 1990s I think) and the country voted to KEEP that part of the building code