Sunday, October 23, 2022

Make America Kind Again

My wife ordered one for her car.  I just did the same.

 I explained last year in a letter that I sent to Trump why gentleness is a virtue both in itself and for winning political office.  

Part of what has made the last few years so upsetting is the loss of civility.  This is part of what Biden's Leni Riefenstahl-like "semi-fascist" speech so upsetting to many conservatives.  Much of this is polarization driven by antisocial media companies maximizing profit by using political hatred feedback to turn the hate to 11.  If this reminds you of the original Star Trek episode "The Day of the Dove," this should not surprise you.  Alien creatures living on hate; greedy billionaires enriching themselves on hate.

After what is looking like a red tsunami in November, let us respond to anger with gentleness.  I do not mean that we pretend that there are no differences.  Pursue changes in policy that matter, but there is no need to vilify those on the other side, or respond to hate with more hate.  

"Racism is bad; America has a racist past."  

"Agreed; racism is bad and it has a racist past.  Let us work together by refusing to support movements that promote racial prejudice.  No more claims that whites have certain characteristics that are not shared with other races."  Like this from the National Museum of African American History & Culture:

"Women have a right to choose."

"Yes, women are not robots.  They can choose unprotected sex; men not prepared to honor their choice have chosen prison; a woman who does not like her choice after the fact can put that unwanted child up for adoption by a family that clearly wants to benefit from she 'chose... poorly,' and raise a child who will be loved."

"Why do you hate trans people?"

"Why do you insist that taxpayers fund mutilation of people?  Pay for it yourself."

There are many advantages to responding gently.  

1. It makes you seem like a nice person to observers (and hopefully, that is not deceiving).

2. It makes your opponent stop seeing you as a hate-filled monster.  This may bear fruit when their side again takes control.

3. It drives people who live on hate crazy.


  1. America has a racist past.
    Why must people take that as a requirement that we have a racist future with the characters all switched around?

  2. ====================================================
    "Why do you hate trans people?"

    "Why do you insist that taxpayers fund mutilation of people? Pay for it yourself."
    This isn't quite the right answer.

    I've known some transsexuals personally. I don't hate them. And I do recognize that *intractable* gender dysphoria is a rare but real medical condition; that it can cause extreme discomfort, enough to prompt suicide; that "gender transition" surgery is appropriate in such cases; and that when the sufferer can't afford it, government should assist.

    At the same, I also recognize that true gender dysphoria is extremely rare, has nothing to with gender-atypical behavior, and is being grossly over-diagnosed at this time, and that persons who want acceptance of variant gender identity should in return for that courtesy make the least possible demands.

    The courtesy is as appropriate as not treating an obviously adopted child as a bastard. Absolute refusal to recognize gender change of a person who has undergone the full regimen is rude, and by authorities oppressive.

    However, demanding complete recognition for any person who claims to "present" as the other sex is also oppressive, especially by authorities.

    1. I suspect the very small number genuinely in this situation would be quite happy being themselves, not bullies for the latest LGBTWTF fad.

  3. I'm thinking of "Dissent's Patriotic Again, Boys!"
    As a companion piece for the currently approved,
    "Dissent's Treasonous Again, Boys!"