Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Watching the Normalization of Trans

Not in the population but among our owners brought to mind one of the pragmatic criticisms of striking down sodomy laws. (There are many constitutional reasons as well.) The claim was that many Americans would feel so little connection to our government that they would be resistant to active support of the government. 

This seemed a stretch at the time but I am seeing opponents of support for Ukraine who see Putin's Russia as no more morally reprehensible than Democrat America, where even doctors are claiming that sex is assigned at birth and is not the result of the most fundamental science: XX or XY.

I see a bunch of more serious problems with Putin's Russia although I will admit progressives, given the chance, would make the differences rather small.  (Okay not the Russian Orthodox Church but United Methodist Church so the progressives could say, "At least we are letting them worship.")

I guess that I have some confidence the transmadness smashed the Overton Window in a way that same-sex marriage did not.   I suspect this is more because the LGBTWTF? crowd lacked the needed patience than any fundamental Christian morality in America which largely abandoned Christianity because it interfered with changing spouses like socks.

I have confidence that the midterms are going to be so much beyond the margin of fraud that Democrats are going to find themselves reusing (with no awareness) Pauline Kael's amazement at the 1972 Nixon victory.  "I do not see how.  No one that I know voted for them."

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