Friday, October 21, 2022

"never any indications or warning signs"

10/20/22 Fox News:

15-year-old Austin Thompson allegedly killed five people during a shooting in Raleigh's Hedingham neighborhood, including his 16-year-old brother and an off-duty police officer who was on his way to work. Two others were also injured in the shooting.

Justin Thompson died after he suffered both "an apparent gunshot wound and stab wounds," according to preliminary police report released on Thursday. Austin Thompson, the suspect, is in critical condition....

"At the time, he was wearing camouflage clothing and a backpack, and a handgun was in his waistband. The backpack contained various items, including several types of shotgun/rifle ammunition. A sheath for a large knife was found clipped to his belt, and a large hunting knife was found at the front of the outbuilding. A shotgun and shotgun shells were lying on the ground near him," Patterson wrote in the report....

Alan and Elise Thompson, the suspect's parents, released a public statement on Tuesday, stating that they are "overcome with grief." ...

"There were never any indications or warning signs that Austin was capable of doing anything like this," the Thompson's wrote. "Our family will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials and do whatever we can to help them understand why and how this happened." 

Everyone of these incidents is a tragedy.  But when a 15-year-old seems to from okay to murderer so quickly, you just scratch your head and hope someone finds out why. 

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