Monday, October 10, 2022

They Are Getting Smarter, I Think

10/9/22 DML reports on Houston PD's gun "buyback" program.  Yes in Texas.  

In return for handing over their firearms, the following rewards were handed out:

  • $50 gift card for a non-functioning firearm
  • $100 for a shotgun or hunting rifle
  • $150 for a revolver or semi-automatic handgun
  • $200 for a semi-automatic rifle

At the end of the gun roundup, the Houston Mayor’s Office reported the tallies:

The final count for today’s 2nd Gun Buyback event is……
Revolver – 368
Semi-automatic handgun – 279
Shotgun – 243
Rifle – 227
Rifle semi-automatic- 91
Total = 1,208 guns

"Please remember that there is a 25-gun limit..."  I suspect to stop the guys with 3D printers showing up with 200 AR-15 receivers.  Or the guy who spends $2 to make a 9mm zip gun.


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