Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"They Are Murdering My Friend in Here"

CBS News had a gloomy report on the stress that idaho nurses are suffering from COVID-19 care. One picture showed protesters at St. Alphonso claiming the title above.  What is driving this?  Do they think the hospital is slowly killing people?  Or is there some more complex logic at work?  (The aliens are hungry?)

At least Idaho protesters are not doing violently lethal protests like in Europe.   See 3/23/21 New York Times.

UPDATE: It appears that a video from last year, a doctor raised the question of whether the ventilators were doing more good than harm.  He indicated that he was spreading his knowledge on this.   If this remains a problem, I am not finding it.

Please get vaccinated.  The risks are pretty low.  I really want this madness to end so the left loses excuses to control lives.

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  1. Some hospitals are throwing people on ventilators even though that has been shown to often be a less than good choice. Many argue that people are being killed by being forced onto ventilators. Presumably this is what the sign was about.