Sunday, October 10, 2021

"Empty" Hospitals

 The paranoids are running around claiming that there is no crisis; hospitals are not overflowing with COVID cases.  Before you pass such a claim on, ask the person making this claim to walk the floors of these "empty" hospitals.  Discreetly photograph the empty rooms.  (If they are empty, there is no privacy issue for patients.)  Then provide those pictures.

The Biden Administration gets enormous benefit from these lunatic claims.  Too many people that I know have either been hospitalized or are working extended shifts in hospitals to let this pass.  Put up or shut up.


  1. Extended shifts because they are staffed at about 1/2 of normal.
    Overrun because they have not the staff to run at 100% capacity.
    And yes, my local hospitals have empty rooms. Many, in fact. I'd say they are at about 65% capacity in rooms. That is with overtime for the support staff to make it happen.
    Have you done what you suggest and checked out your local hospitals?

    1. Not yet. I suspect that without a person to visit, I am not getting in. I am going to a hospital next week for a INR test. I will see how far I get.