Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Bullied into Whiteness

 10/26/21 The College Fix quoting a UC Berkeley professor:

Leonardo, in his talk, cited the book “Learning to Be White: Money, Race and God in America,” which argues that “child abuse, ethnic conflicts, class exploitation, poor self-esteem, and a general feeling of self-contempt … are the wages of whiteness,” according to its description.

“Whites learn to be white,” Leonardo said, adding that the book’s author, Thandeka, argues “whites are not born white. They have to become white.”

“They were born human,” he said. “Little by little, they have to be abused into becoming white humans. This abuse is sometimes physical … such as being bullied into whiteness.”

“But also it’s psychological and cultural,” he added.

This physical, psychological and cultural abuse can come from parents and guardians, but it also “extends to the white nationhood as a caretaker” and the “white social system,” Leonardo said during his talk.

If it were not for guilt-ridden privileged whites, would anyone taker this crap seriously? 

Great.  Now I am a victim, too.

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  1. In the words of a comedy actor in a movie," You mean I'm gonna stay this color?!?!"