Sunday, October 10, 2021

Is the Great Airline Strike of 2021 Starting?

A little background.   A strike by railroad workers in 1877 grew into a national rebellion as National Guardsmen in some cases refused to fire on strikers and sometimes actually joined them.  For a while railroads effectively stopped.  More here.

Rumors are floating about that the cancelation of a big part of Southwest Airlines flights is because the airline ordered all pilots to be vaccinated and many walked out along with some air traffic controllers.

What is really happening?  10/10/21 CNN reports that Southwest canceled more than 1000 flights.
 "Flight delays and cancellations occurred for a few hours Friday afternoon due to widespread severe weather, military training and limited staffing in one area of the Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center," the FAA said."

Hmm.  While Biden has authority to order the ATCs to vaccinate, if Southwest is ordering vaccination it is their decision.   Biden has issued a press release ordering employers to require vaccination, but press releases are not legally binding. Congress might have the authority similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which involved interstate commerce and applied to businesses larger than 100 employees, but not by executive order.

We may seeing the start of serious resistance, something more important than foul epithets directed at President Biden.   National Guardsmen: remember the Nuremberg Principle. There is no obligation to obey unlawful orders such as opening fire on peaceful protesters.   Quite the opposite: there is an obligation to arrest those giving such unlawful orders.

This is not the Holocaust, but the Democrats may be about to discover that "I was only following orders" may not work this time.

Centrally controlled societies like Red China operate on orders from the top.   People in free societies need persuasion, not orders.


  1. I saw reports of all flights to D.C. being canceled today. Nothing from the MSM yet.

    1. Not because of weather:

  2. And before the FAA or Bidens regime or SWA claim the weather is bad, right now in Jacksonville the wind is 030 at 10 knots, visibility is 10 or more statute miles the sky has scattered clouds at 2600 feet and the temperature (celsius) is 28 and dewpoint 21 with an altimeter setting of 30.03 inches of mercury.

    Pretty much the same its been all week.

    KJAX 121656Z 03010KT 10SM SCT026 28/21 A3003

  3. I read a news analysis (can't remember where but it was a conservative site) mentioning that the major carriers are all under contract with the federal government for various things, i.e., carrying mail and other cargo. Apparently that is the anchor Biden is using to enforce his mandate against the airlines. Essentially any common carrier (buses, trains, etc.) are subject to the same mandate.