Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Special Small Print Exception

 We still do not know why the mass shooter at Boise Town Square Mall went on his rampage but this gives a hint.  10/26/21 Associated Press:

[redacted] was known to Boise police from previous reports of disorderly conduct or trespassing, Lee said.

“We have had contact with him in the past. We did not have any reason to arrest him,” he said.

[redacted] never worked at the mall, but was frequently there and had previously been contacted by security guards for disorderly behavior, Lee said.

You would think in Idaho someone would have returned fire.  But Boise Town Square Mall wants a wholesome  family atmosphere.  Their code of conduct includes:

  • No firearms or illegal weapons

And in very small print:

unless you are a mentally ill killer

Compare to the Clackamas Mall shooting:

7/24/14 KGW reported that a concealed handgun licensee drew on that shooter, who then committed suicide. 

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