Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dell Optiplex No Longer Boots

 This is the CNC control PC.  It does not even get to the boot screen.  I bought it used because I needed a parallel port PC.  (The USB to parallel port converters do not work with LinuxCNC.)  Who knows how many cycles it ran before me.  Any suggestions?  No beeping.

Dust is a possible cause.

Yes, vacuuming out the PC solved both the boot problem and the CNC controller going berserk problems. 

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  1. Nothing lasts forever. And PCs in close proximity to real work (like CNC machines) have an even shorter lifespan.

    The used to make hardened cases. Extra filtration for industrial zones, but I have looked at those in a long time.

    If you end up needing a new PC, buy one that has an extra slot on the motherboard. You can buy a parallel port card for about 20 bucks