Friday, October 8, 2021

Not A 'Standard-Issue School Shooting"

Now there's a quote for you!  9/7/21 New York Post reports a school shooter was released on bail:

"A family spokeswoman has claimed that he acted out of self-defense after being robbed and targeted by bullies."

That would be an interesting claim even with several bystanders injured but:
"class with another student that escalated to gunfire Wednesday.

The fight was broken up and the two students calmed down, but then Simpkins pulled out a firearm from his orange backpack and fired several shots that struck three people, according to an arrest warrant Thursday."

Sorry that does not qualify as self-defense.   The original altercation was over.

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  1. Even if the shooting of his, alleged, attacker, was a defensible self defense action, Texas law states that recklessly injuring a third party during a legal self defense action can still result in prosecution. Firing into a crowd of school children can certainly be regarded as reckless.