Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tonight's Astrophotography

Pictures will have to wait.   I was so tired that I almost fell off the ladder.   And one of the plastic hinges on the eyepiece case failed, fortunately in a non-catastriphic mode.

But I put some duct tape on the concrete earlier pointed true north.  Even without the polar alignment, tracking was dead perfect.  I will probably replace it with phosphorescent paint tomorrow  .

I believe the videos and pictures will come out very useful.  I managed to figure out how to get the video back to ISO 100, not 3200.  The dial on the front that rolls down that menu is very slow.  I just was not waiting long enough for change. 

The Live View not giving crisp images may be my glasses.  Taking them off provided much crisper images almost like an eyepiece and an eye.  The viewfinder diopter adjustment is for my corrected vision and may do a better job of showing me real focus.  I will know tomorrow. 

One other issue: the tube needs to rotate about 35 degrees in the rings that hold it to the mount so that it do not need to get on a ladder.

I will likely buy a Pelican case as a replacement.   American made and amazingly solid.  The 1" pluckable foam may be a  nuisance because most of the eyepieces are 1.25" OD, so I may have do some scissor work to make cubes that create a tight fit.  The 2" eyepieces are easy.   I have a few odd sized and shaped items that will sit loosely in graves in the foam.

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  1. Not all of the Pelican cases come with the 1" squares. Some are cut-to-fit like the small pistol case. Or they did come that way at one time.

    You can also purchase replacement foam from Pelican if you have a case and need to start over.

    They also have a 'design to fit' service, but I've never used that.