Friday, October 29, 2021

Disturbing: Died From COVID?

It is a few months old.  2/19/21 Daily Mail:

That night, the GP who had seen Dad the day before and was called to certify his death kindly telephoned to express his condolences. He told me that, apart from the chestiness, Dad seemed 'well cared for'.

Then I asked what he had put as the cause of death.

'Covid-19,' he replied.

When I challenged this, he explained that it was because there had been deaths from Covid on the dementia floor . . . so they consider it reasonable to assume . . .

'But Doctor,' I protested, 'an assumption isn't a diagnosis.'

He sounded sympathetic but uncomfortable, as he acknowledged my point and assured me that all Dad's underlying health conditions were also recorded. But as the secondary cause of death.

I do not blame that perfectly decent and sympathetic GP — he was just doing his job. But my deep disquiet became worse.

For when I registered Dad's death by telephone (as you have to these days), the registrar told me there had been very many other cases like ours where 'the deceased' had not tested positive for Covid, yet it was recorded as the cause of death.

They agreed that, yes, it must distort the national figures — 'and yet the strangest thing is that every winter we record countless deaths from flu, and this winter there have been none. Not one!'

So, I asked, did the registrar wonder if deaths from flu were being misdiagnosed and lumped together with Covid deaths? The answer was a puzzled 'Yes'.

The funeral director said the same thing, saying they had lost count of the number of families upset by the same issue.

Anecdotal evidence, but with all the similar reports from the last year or so of deaths here in the U.S. clearly not caused by COVID, it makes you wonder. 

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  1. A diagnosis based on an assumption will get you written up in your rotations, even before you start an internship.