Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Dakota Lithium Battery Charger Arrived

Not surprisingly, the 12.8V the SLA chargers provided was soon above 13V.  Of course equilibrium sets in and getting from the 14.4V output of the charger to that voltage in the battery will take a while.

I was watching a video explaining why electric vehicles are having trouble making sense.  The first 100 miles you add is fast; the next hundred is much slower because you approach equilibrium and current goes in more slowly.  

Could you have two sets of batteries, like a spare gas tank, so both charge at the same time and speed, and switchover when the first pack runs out?


  1. Yes, you could have 2 sets of batteries...but batteries are heavy (and expensive) and weight makes for poorer performance...and less range.

  2. I mean two batteries of the same total weight as the current battery pack.