Friday, October 1, 2021

Ads So Absurd You Keep Watching to See If It Is Parody

A YouTube ad where a guy with a hideous English accent tells his tale of woe: wife is cheating on him; they get a divorce; she emptied his bank account; his depression gets him fired; evicted; he moves back in with his parents.   At this point I was expecting it to be a castle or manor home.  No, he starts searching for jobs online and buys a bracelet that is supposed to bring good luck.   It does: he wins the lottery; buys a house; owns a successful jewelry store; starts to wonder about that bracelet.  Then the Feng Shui pitch.  So predictably absurd and then all the way to "throwing out Newton with Nagasaki."

The ads just get weirder, stupider, and more New Age.  I wonder if I have exhausted the supply of high paying, serious company ads.

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