Sunday, October 10, 2021

Think Very Carefully About This

 A University of Virginia poll found that 59% of Biden voters and 77% of Trump voters would like the other states to secede.  See Table 3.  Two ex-Americas would be much weaker in foreign affairs than even the currently senile-led nation.  Would either nation go to war with China to guarantee either Taiwanese or Japanese sovereignty?  What about Alaskan sovereignty?  

Any division will leave the two coasts of Blue State America separated by a likely angry Red States of America, or perhaps like an angry couple, the separation might bring the anger down..  Who gets the aircraft carriers and submarines?  Building new ports for our half of the fleet on the Gulf of Mexico would be expensive.

Who gets the ICBMs?  They are all in Red State America.  Do we let Blue State America have visitation rights?

Exporting and importing everything through the Southern ports would seriously impair Pacific trade, although we could perhaps make a trade for air and rail transport through the Red States of America.  

Do we start from where we are now to clean up the existing case law, or simply declare every decision from Roe v. Wade (1973) invalid?  The lawyers will make a fortune.

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