Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why Conservatives In Idaho Need To Get Organized

I mentioned last week that there was a bill before the legislature to prevent cake bakers and photographers (among others) from being forced out of business by claims of sexual orientation discrimination.  I signed up for alerts about movement on this bill with the Idaho legislature website, but for some reason, I received no notification that H0427 had a committee hearing.  As a result, only two people showed up to speak in favor of the bill, as opposed to forty who showed to oppose it.  (This, after gay activists blockaded the State Senate on Monday because the legislature will not add sexual orientation to the state antidiscrimination law, leading to arrests.)

I know that social conservatives are not real common in Idaho, but they need to get get better organized to let us know that these hearings are taking place.


  1. Who maintained the email list for "interested in committee discussion day"?

    At any rate, it is very sad when the opponents of such a bill can get so many people to show up.

  2. I heard from Rep. Luker (and pretty quickly). The group in charge of organizing this is supposed to get in touch; I'll make sure that everyone knows how to get added.

    The good news is that the committee passed it to the full house (although, predictably, some Republicans voted against it). There will be more need to do something about this in the senate.