Wednesday, February 12, 2014

S.1254 Hearing This Morning Was Most Interesting

S.1254 is the bill to allow those with Enhanced Concealed Weapon Permits to carry on public college campuses, with a few restrictions.

A psychology professor from BSU spoke in favor of it, and was on the edge of tears at times.  A former student with mental illness problems, in the course of a recent suicide attempt, redirected his anger onto her, threatening her life to a police officer.  The student was hospitalized, and of course, is now out.  She wants to be able to defend herself and her students in the event the former student goes off his medications and comes looking for her.

Another person who testified against said that the professor's concerns have already been addressed.  There is now a security officer assigned to her classroom, and the crazy suicidal/homicidal former student has been prohibited from coming onto campus.  I am sure that this will solve the problem just fine!

UPDATE: I understand it passed out of committee 7-2.

UPDATE 2: Here's the presentation.


  1. It really is amazing some people actually still believe if they make a law, everyone will follow it.

  2. Prohibited from coming on to campus? I'm sure that is as effective as a domestic violence restraining order.

    Oh, is the security officer armed or unarmed? Nothing says safety like a minimum wage guy in a uniform.

    (No offense intended to those of you who work private security. I've done the same in my younger days and I worked with some bozos.)

  3. I think it may actually be a police officer. He is likely quite competent, but he is in uniform, which makes him stand out. And he obviously is the first obvious victim of someone crazy/homicidal/suicidal.

  4. Clayton,

    Thanks for doing this. Those of us that are chained to our day jobs appreciate it.

    How do we make sure our state person gets the presented content in support of this bill in addition to of course telling them to vote yes?

  5. Prof. McAdams was very brave and courageous to so testify given the obvious hostility of her management (Kustra, et al), likely most faculty "colleagues" and many students to this legislation. I hope she doesn't get ruined.

    I knew a professor out there that was blacklisted and harassed until they got a job at a University out of state. All because they exposed some questionable handling of research grant money. The other person is still there and is a department chair.

    When I worked there ~20 years ago a guy I worked with got in disputes with the old ladies (he called them the "Coven") who ran the money and accounting operations, etc. As I recall something to do with following their rules. Well he rubbed them the wrong way and when they found out he had a CCW (he never carried on campus) they freaked out and called the sheriff's department (back then I think they did the police work and now I think it is BPD) and he was escorted out and fired--they claimed he threatened them. I also know another professor who had the same thing done--that one I personally bailed out of jail by sticking my neck out and signing the bailbond's guaranty!

  6. Now we have Boise Police Chief Masterson complaining he didn't get to speak out against it. Not sure why and I hope that doesn't hurt the cause. I wonder where the Ada County Sheriff stands on this.

    Masterson has shown that he is not only against this bill, but also against all CCW and likely open carry as well. See for the proof.

  7. There is a term for those who would disarm people like this professor: evil.

  8. I will put up my presentation this evening. My wife was sufficiently impressed that she turned it into a PowerPoint to show her English Comp students how to present a logical argument.