Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nice Little Surprise From ABC-CLIO

This is the company that bought up Greenwood Publishing Group, who published my second, fourth, and fifth books.  The nice little surprise is that after several years of royalty statements that said, "We don't write checks before $50" there was finally a check for $118!  Even these books that I wrote fifteen to twenty years ago are still selling, especially as e-books.


  1. You might need to give those book contracts a looking-over, as 20 years ago, you probably did not sell your eBook rights, since they didn't exist.

    A Lot of authors have been fighting to get their eBook rights back (or rather establish that they ere not sold), since they can self-publish on Amazon et. al. and make a heck of a lot more money per sale.

  2. Greenwood was more forward thinking than you might expect. And to be honest, it isn't like any serious book that I write is ever going to sell more than a few dozen copies a year. I obviously need to start writing smut, or at least fiction.

    I am pretty sure that I could write at least four or five novels a year, if I didn't have 70 hours a week of work to do. Yet another reason why I need to retire from day job, so that I can something that matters.

  3. You're kidding less than you think about the smut. Don't ask me how I know this. Well, you can.