Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Ukraine Protesters Arm Themselves With Homemade Weapons"

From February 20, 2014 NBC News:
An anti-government protester shoots an improvised weapon during clashes with riot police in Independence Square in Kiev on Thursday. 
Great picture: it looks like a homemade Claymore.  It makes you wonder what the situation would be like if the protesters were as well armed as your average Californian.


  1. Looks like a pyrotechnic to me. But maybe they put something in it. Still, I don't think that looks like it's much harm to anyone.

  2. It's a bundle of fireworks taped together and nailed to a board. It'll throw sparks, flame and smoke but no projectiles unless they modify it.
    Use what you have when the time comes, I guess.

  3. You don't need to wonder: we already had exactly same protesters in California. It was called "The Occupy Movement". They also wanted European style welfare state for everyone, for added similarities.

  4. Things seem to have called down some, but not until after the protesters took some riot police prisoner.

    Think about that a moment. Not very well armed "protesters" took armed cops prisoner, in a place where the police are much more militarized than here. That night, 67 people were killed, not all of them on the poorly-armed side.

    They stood on the brink of the abyss, looking over the side long enough to get scorched, before pulling back. Apparently, they haven't backed off very far.