Friday, February 21, 2014

Progress From Peruta

Shall Not Be Questioned pointed me to this February 20, 2014 Los Angeles Times report that the Orange County Sheriff's Department is going shall-issue in response to Peruta:
The ruling is not yet final, and if successfully appealed, may never take effect. But Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens announced on the department's website that the county has decided to comply anyway.
"Regardless of what her personal positions are, she feels she needs to abide by what the law is," Lt. Jeff Hallock, a sheriff spokesman, said Thursday.
He said the department has received "a huge influx" of requests for permits to carry concealed guns since the 9th Circuit ruling. He cautioned, though, that the new relaxed rules might be "revisited" if the court decision is appealed or overturned.
The Orange County Sheriff's Department, which handles gun carry permits for the county's cities, will now give residents permits if they simply cite a need for personal safety or self-defense, as long as other conditions are met, the department said. Those conditions include an interview, background check, completion of a firearms training course and a fee.,0,1864878.story#ixzz2tywOXkf2
And when Orange County issues many hundreds of permits and the sky doesn't fall?

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  1. OC. Lived there for much of the late 1960's to late 1980's. Once the land of Reagan, Nixon, John Wayne and my then Congressman Robert "B-1 Bob" Dornan. The home of SASS and some decent shooting ranges and large gun stores. How times changed and why I got the hell out of that place!

    I guess the heads of the libs, illegals, commies, etc that took over that place will have to suffer. Poor things.