Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Love The Rage: Alabama State University President Accepts a "No Cohabitation" Contract in University-Owned House

January 10, 2014 Inside Higher Education has an article about Alabama State University (one of the historically black colleges) and its contract with the new president:
Gwendolyn Boyd is coming back to her alma mater from Johns Hopkins University to shepherd Alabama State through a rough patch involving a damning audit aimed at the university. Boyd’s new contract is pretty standard -- $300,000 a year, a car and the presidential residence -- except she can’t have lovers staying overnight for an extended period of time.
Boyd, who is single, said she didn’t have a lawyer when she signed the contract but has no problem with the language.
“I do live alone, so it was not problematic for me,” she said.

Read more: Inside Higher Ed 
The comments section is filled with rage-filled academics, furious at the nerve of ASU to make a contract with their college president like this!  When I was young, the preferred phrase was, "What consenting adults do in private is none of the government's business."  Now the preferred phrase seems to be, "How dare consenting adults decide what they are going to do!"

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  1. That sounds like pretty standard rental boilerplate. The problem is that if someone is allowed to stay somewhere long enough, they may get some rights to the place. And you don't want an unscreened person to have rights to any rental, much less the college President's residence.