Monday, February 3, 2014

Nice To Get Quoted Out of Context

There's a bogus quote from Hitler that used to float around the Internet, the one that starts: "1935 will go down in history!"  For my book Firing Back (1995), I demonstrated that the quote was bogus, and there were plenty of properly sourced quotes to use.  One of the gun control fools decided to use that to prove that concerns about gun control and the Nazis were bogus in a silly February 3, 2014 Baltimore Post-Express op-ed piece.  The essential argument is that it is impossible to successfully rise up against a totalitarian government today, so banning guns to make everyone safe is a good idea, and the Second Amendment should go away.  There's a lively discussion going on there -- feel free to join in!

One of the more outrageous statements from this fool, in the midst of an article discussing Nazi gun control laws:
There is nothing democratic about assassinating an elected official.
My response:
Tell that to Count Von Stauffenberg, who tried to assassinate the elected Reichsfuehrer.
By the way: if you have not seen Valkyrie (2006): do so.  Powerful, careful to follow the history, and a reminder that good men sometimes fail, but that does not make them any less.


  1. It may be a picky point, but in fact Hitler was not elected Reichschancellor. He was appointed (by a President who had been elected to be sure), but his party did win a majority in the last Reichstag election (November 1932), and had actually lost both votes and seats from the previous election (July 1932).

  2. Well, he's right, as I see it.

    It's not democratic to assassinate Hitler.

    It's right and proper and good, but it's not "democratic".

    Democratic options aren't available in a totalitarian one-party state, so of course they cannot be undertaken.

    (Killing Hitler is an excellent first step towards restoring democratic options, however...)