Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hidden Furniture Compartments for Guns

A reader pointed me to the website of Covert Furniture, who specialize in hidden compartments for guns. 

I like the idea very much, especially for keeping guns away from burglars.  Nonetheless, I think one of their goals -- to keep guns readily accessible, but hidden from children -- is probably a mistake.  If you ever retrieve a gun from one of these hidden compartments in the presence of small children, they will notice it, and will, in pretty short order, figure out how to get that compartment open.  Never underestimate the intelligence of your children; they may be smaller than you, but they probably have as much native intelligence as you do.  (Where do you think they got it?)

I keep thinking of a memorable Dennis the Menace cartoon, where in the first panel, Dennis says to a friend of his mother, "Are you the one with the dead hair?"  In the next panel, we see Dennis' mother insisting to her upset friend, "I said 'tinted' not 'dyed.'"  Those little rascals hear and see everything you do.


  1. I've an acquaintance (an Orange Gunsite graduate)who doesn't wish to carry in the home, but wants to be armed. And has children.
    His solution?
    One of those fingerpad combination safes IN EACH ROOM!
    And, his wife knows the combo, as do children once they've been trained, and vetted.


  2. I referred to my dog once as "Fuzzybutt" in the presence of my niece a couple of years ago soon after she began to talk. I was amused as less than three minutes later she said, "Fuzzybutt" -- not in reference to the dog, but as an out-of-the-blue utterance.
    little echos, they are.