Friday, February 21, 2014

H1B Madness

Steve Sailer has a very sharply worded column about Mark Zuckerberg's whining about not being able to hire enough qualified Americans:
Mark Zuckerberg lobbied Congress all last year for more immigration to keep himself from being driven into poverty by having to pay crushing salaries to American engineers. Yesterday, though, Facebook somehow scrounged together the scratch to acquire a small startup called WhatsApp for $19 billion. 
But what is amazing is that the two founders of WhatsApp tried to get jobs with Facebook -- but both were Americans, worse, old Americans -- in their late 30s.  No wonder Facebook wouldn't hire them!

UPDATE: Bloomberg News report in the February 21, 2014 San Francisco Chronicle reports that one of the founders could not get a job at Facebook.

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  1. Yep.

    Silicon Valley just loves H1B wage slaves. They can keep them in the company for a few years, since they can't leave and keep their visa. Then, when they get expensive, well, they'll just replace them... as they have done to tens of thousands of American engineers.

    And the left wonders why many Americans are upset about immigration "reform." They should look to their own practices.