Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Arizona Governor Brewer's Contact Page Is A Bit Overloaded, It Seems

Her contact page is overwhelmed, it appears.  I am trying to contact her to ask her to sign SB1062 (what I call the right to diversity of opinion bill), but all the big corporate interests are screaming at her not to do so; the NFL is threatening to pull the SuperBowl.  Heck, I am willing to vacation in Arizona next winter if she signs this bill.

Is it really so scary to allow businesses the freedom to engage in acts with consenting adults?


  1. For a lot of people? Yes. A lot of the left-leaning side of the internet can't differentiate between this and Jim Crow, and even those who /do/ remember that Jim Crow involved a government mandate of discrimination aren't always (or even often) opposed to the comparison as a useful hyperbole.

    We're fairly common on the internet, but practical libertarians aren't terribly thick on the ground.

  2. Yes, Clayton, it's really so scary. The left is afraid that if it loses even one of the battles to suppress dissent, it will fail.

    Hence, they have brought out all the big guns and trained them on us here in AZ. My Facebook feed is full of postings by the mindless, lecturing about how evil we are in AZ and how this bill is akin to putting Hitler in charge.

  3. I oppose SB1062 because it only lets religious reasons support freedom of association, from what I can tell from the text.

    Go all the way - let anyone refuse to serve anyone for any reason - or don't go there, I say.

    (I support the former, as it's none of the State's business to make people "play nice" with people they don't approve of, in any sort of normal business dealing.)

  4. I would prefer freedom of association because it broadens the freedom involved. However, exemptions based on religious belief have a very long history in America, and are therefore easier to justify to the courts. Think of this as a first step towards freedom of association.