Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Third Clear Night Observing With The New Telescope

It is absurd that it has taken this long to get a third clear night.  And it was so cold that without my gloves on, shooting pains were going through my hands.  That's too cold.  Optics are spectacular. 

I need to spend a bit more time reading the Sky Commander digital setting circles instructions.  (My wife asks if Sky Commander is Buzz Lightyear's superior.)  Trying to make sense of them in the dark is a bit much.  Worse, I tried to do one-star setup, and it was pointing me in what was obviously the wrong direction for M42.  (When in doubt, try it on an object that you can actually see.)

I really do not want to wait for spring.  Perhaps I need some thin but still very warm gloves for this.  And start earlier in the evening.


  1. I find Nomex flyers gloves to be excellent in such conditions - worn under mitts. The nomex gloves allow sufficient dexterity and a bit of warmth.

  2. I don't know if they allow sufficient dexterity or not but Cabela's sells electrically heated gloves.

    Not cheap though.