Friday, February 28, 2014

Idaho Concealed Carry on Campus Bill Passes Out Of House Committee

From February 28, 2014 AP:
A bill to allow students, staff and visitors to carry guns on Idaho's college campuses passed out of a legislative committee Friday afternoon, despite objections from students, multiple police chiefs and leaders of all eight of the state's public colleges.

The measure would allow retired law enforcement officers and those with Idaho's new enhanced concealed carry permit to bring their firearms onto campus. Concealed weapons would still be barred from dormitories, stadiums and concert halls.

The 11-3 party-line vote sends the issue forward to debate on the House floor. The bill passed the Senate earlier this month.
The level of rage on this from the opponents leaves me pretty mystified.  I wonder if this might be a reminder that their little ponds of liberalism are surrounded by what is still a pro-self-defense state?


  1. I have to say that as a matter of principle I don't approve of the "retired law enforcement officers" part. "Law enforcement officer" is already too close to being a constitutionally-prohibited "patent of nobility" (if it's not there already) and we should not do anything to make it more so.

  2. Obviously we have way too many hoplophobes on campuses and at the top of our law enforcement. Either that or a desire for a police state by the Copper in Chief.

    The schools must have rallied the students with all kinds of paranoia and fear about this bill instead of teaching their classes over the last week or two--deliberate misinformation.

    The way over the top nonsense about open brandishing in classes and at the stadium was "special" wasn't it.

    Maybe everyone's GPA is going to go up now! That should make these liberal profs thrilled they are able to give better grades and not hurt anyone's self esteem--after all isn't that one of their tenants...

    I just hope no one forgets this really wasn't about carry on campus. This was about a very vocal group that is 100% anti any kind of carry rights or probably also anti having a firearm at home as well. That was the gist of their argument against the bill--"CCW people are crazy and dangerous" was stated many times by them and the CCW license is not good enough to enable someone the right to carry--setting aside the problem of being licensed to exercise a right. Their stupidity is dangerous--so much for all those advanced degrees making someone smarter--they should demand a refund on that education!

    I'm worried about all the mental damage being done to these college kids who will someday take over and of course that is likely the real goal of Kustra and his fellow "leaders" and these anti-CCW/anti-2nd amendment profs.

    I took a small amount of comfort of the images of college kids (though small in number) down at the state house supporting the bill. So they all haven't been brainwashed yet. Oh the tragedy!

  3. Back in the covered wagon days when I was attending university in Idaho, there were hundreds of weapons on campus, and despite chronic binge drinking, I never heard of any accidental or intentional gun deaths, save a couple of suicides. There are probably a ton of weapons stashed in car trunks and closets even today, that these fools are unaware of.
    From a practical standpoint, the passage of the bill doesn't mean you'll have thousands of armed students suddenly appearing on campus, but that those folks who already have a CCW license will be able to carry without fear of prosecution for innocently exercising their rights. If I recall correctly, you can't get one until you're 21, anyway, so that eliminates most of the underclassmen from the equation, and it requires putting out $150 for the class, plus permitting fees, to obtain one, which eliminates an even bigger segment of poor, broke college students, and with the price of a new handgun these days, you probably lose a bunch more potential CCW carriers for financial considerations.
    A ton of panic for nothing, really.

  4. The purpose of the panic is to erode rights plain and simple.