Saturday, February 8, 2014

Report On The Magazine Situation

After a visit to the Boise Public Library to use their microfiche reader, I went over to Impact Guns to use their indoor range.  They were busy!  The good news is that even though this Browning Hi-Power has not been fired, cleaned, or lubricated in at least two or three years, it performed flawlessly for about 80 rounds of FMJ.  No failures to feed, eject, or lock open the slide.  I only used the apparently still good Ram-Line and one of the factory Browning magazines; they worked just fine.

I am pleased to see that the Browning retains the accuracy that caused me to buy it in the first place.  Remember that I have not fired it in several years, but generally I was able to empty it at about one round per second at distances of seven yards and ten yards and get every shot but one on the tiny little targets.


  1. The High Power is a great handgun. I've been using KRD, FN, and MecGar magazines. MecGar is the original manufacturer of the FN/Browning magazines, but they also sell them under their own name. I think KRD is from South Africa, might be wrong on that. All of them run just fine.

  2. I forgot Impact even did retail, I'm so used to using their website for price checks.

    Wish they'd open a Portland store...

  3. To mitigate the somewhat common issue of magazine/spring fatigue, I rotate magazines for my EDC firearm as you mentioned in your previous post. I have 5 and I use White-Out to number them, as it's semi-permanent and wears relatively well yet can easily be removed if I ever decide to resell them.

    I usually keep two loaded at any one time for this particular firearm, and I move through them two at a time about monthly. The numbering helps me easily keep track of that rotation to help avoid such failures and keep a uniform "rest" period between them. This strategy has worked well for me thus far, but certainly not a be-all, end-all approach – just another tool in the toolbox, so to speak.