Saturday, February 8, 2014

Concealed Carry on Campus in Idaho

I mentioned recently that S.1254 had been introduced to allow concealed carry on campus by those with the new Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapon License.  The first committee hearing on it is scheduled for Wednesday morning.  For those who intend to show up and speak in favor, instructions are here.  It appears that there will be some advantages to signing up in advance, presumably to make sure we get a chance to speak.  I expect that this will be heavily attended, and this being Idaho, many of them will be people hollering that there will be gunfights in classes.  (Not that this has happened in the other states that allow concealed carry on campus, and have done so for many years.)

If you are planning to speak, email me, and perhaps we can organize this.  There is nothing more boring or useless than fifteen people all getting up and saying the same thing.  It would be best if each of us tackled a different angle to the question.

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  1. Glad to see this wasn't completely killed off yet. Based on the stories in the ID Statesman it wasn't clear if this would still come up this year or not.

    Wish I could go but don't have paid time off from work...

    Well you know the typical anti-arguments...they were in the Statesman comment section--all 100% nonsense of course:

    1. Underage/drunk/immature students having shootouts in classes (presumably they will all be arguing for liberalism/socialism/communism which begs the question of why their would be fights since obviously conservatives don't go to college according to them).

    2. Insufficient training. Indicates they are really against all carry rights!

    3. More likely to get hit by lightening than a gun incident so why is it needed...not true but they are arguing that point.

    If they aren't going to allow carry rights then there should be controlled access into all areas of the campus with armed security, metal detectors, etc just like the courthouse, stadium, airport, etc. Of course they won't do that either which to me is a VERY strong argument for carry rights and should be the counter when they bring up, "but you can't carry in those other places!"

    Good luck and keep up the good fight!