Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perhaps Of Interest To Collectors

From craigslist:

EDMUND SCIENTIFIC 6" Reflector Telescope - $175 (SOUTHWEST BOISE)
These were not spectacular telescopes when they were made, but for a collector, it might be of interest.  The pricing is astonishingly good.  Here is the telescope section from 1968 Edmund Scientific catalog. I can remember drooling over these, and my profound disappointment with the 3" reflector, which was so poor that we returned it the next day.  And yes, $29.95 was a lot of money back then, at least to my family.

If you really want a trip down memory lane (or into the paleolithic for you young whipper-snappers), I remember this Cave Optical catalog well, including the oddly dressed young lady.

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  1. I remember that red one with the big ball on the end. I used to live in NJ, so I got to visit the place a couple of times.