Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Uganda's New Law Against Homosexuality: There's A Logical Flaw There

I know people who have changed their orientation from gay to straight.  What are the chances of that happening if you lock up a homosexual for life in a sex-segregated prison?

I wonder how long it will be before we hear the opponents of foreign intervention in Afghanistan arguing the necessity of regime change in Uganda and Nigeria (but not Iran or Saudi Arabia, both of which execute homosexuals).


  1. It's fairly common for orientation-uncertain guys to get a whole lot less interested in women while surrounded by them, so it's not /quite/ as obvious a result... but true, it does seem like recidivism is likely to be an issue regardless of your stance on the mutability of sexual orientation. I think there was a joke about the USSR's treatment along these lines.

    As for military intervention, you've overlooked a big part of the progressive movement's ideology. They'd bring artillery fire on Peoria, but not someplace where it might read poorly from a racial perspective : Uganda's as safe as the Saudis are.

  2. Re Saudi Arabia and its opposition to the group and behavior held so dear by western Leftists, expressing, as Leftists do, the industrial dependence on oil in terms of addiction:

    My supplier's enemy is my enemy.