Friday, February 28, 2014

It Reads Like Something The Klan Might Have Used To Justify Their Reign of Terror

From the February 28, 2014 Christian Science Monitor:
When President Obama announced “My Brother’s Keeper” Thursday, he identified school discipline reform as one key to supporting the success of young men of color.

School suspensions and expulsions, which occur more often among black and Latino boys, make dropping out of school – and the host of risk factors that come with that – more likely.

“My administration has been working with schools on alternatives to the so-called zero-tolerance guidelines – not because teachers or administrators or fellow students should have to put up with bad behavior, but because there are ways to modify bad behavior that lead to good behavior,” Mr. Obama said in announcing My Brother's Keeper.
It seems as though Obama is arguing that blacks and Hispanics just can't control themselves -- and we need to relax the rules to keep them in school.  Do you suppose that the culture that worships gang members might have something to do with this?

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  1. Seeing how "zero tolerance" has been enforced against innocent kids, I'd say it needs to go:

    1. Kindergarten girl was accused of making "terroristic" threats for saying that she was going to shoot herself and her friends with a bubble gun.
    2. Kid suspended for chewing his poptart into a shape that a teacher's aide thought looked like a gun.
    3. Teenager (black) suspended for thwarting a classmate who had a gun.
    4. Kid suspended for bringing green army men to school (they have tiny bazookas you know).
    5. Kids suspended for playing with airsoft guns on their own property because it was within sight of the bus stop.
    6. School lock down because someone had the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song as their ring tone "And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school."
    7. Olympic skeet shooter suspended because she had shotgun shells in her car. (They let the cigarettes slide.)

    Not sure what the O has in mind, but zero tolerance has got to go.