Monday, May 8, 2023

I Am Reminded of the Pakistani Gun Makers Using Hand Tools to Make Assault Rifles

 5/2/23 Yahoo News:

Ukrainian engineers claim they have designed a “people’s missile” that can be built in an average front garden with almost double the range of the US-supplied Himars rocket.

The missile, which uses the same technology as the German V1, is essentially a motor-powered steel tube attached to a pair of glider wings and fired from a catapult.

The anti-Russian Vidsich protest group behind the design, dubbed Trembita in Ukrainian, says it can be produced cheaply from everyday materials.

A graphic released explaining the technology shows up to three of the rockets fitting inside a one-car garage.

By Vidsich’s own admission, the “garage-made” missile will not be able to strike with the same precision as laser-guided rocket systems.

But in a swarm of 20 missiles, the new weapon will likely be able to “overcome enemy air defences and hit targets at a sufficient depth”, the group claimed.

Early videos of the weapon shared on social media appear to show its makers firing up a crude pulsating jet engine.

The use of gasoline as fuel could thrust the rocket some 140km from launch, the engineers claimed, around double the range of the powerful Himars.

Its warhead could contain a thermobaric charge or a combined 20kg high-explosive charge, capable of creating chaos amongst Russians near the target zone.

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