Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Today's Conundrum

The Bushnell 3x9-40mm BDC scope is past its prime.  When attempting to adjust elevation at the range, my instructor discovered that turning the adjustment screw clockwise lowered the point of aim. So did counterclockwise.  Nonetheless using the BDC allowed me to hit silhouette targets at 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards with consistency.  Good enough for government work, although not in the same sense we meant when I worked at JPL.

Bushnell has a 30 year warranty on their scopes.  I tried to find out if this number on the bottom of the scope 71-6302 meant that it was still in warranty.  Send it in and we will tell you.  If not, they send it back with a coupon for a discount on a new Bushnell. Under warranty, they either repair it or replace it with something comparable.

This scope works well enough for anything for which I might need it.  If I send it in, it may be away for many weeks.  If it is out of warranty, fine, I can sight in a new okay Chinese-made scope likely to last about as long.  If not, I will likely get an decently working scope in need of sighting in again.

 Should I just buy a Philippines-made Vortex and ship this Bushnell off for possible warranty repair?  Maybe sell the replacement on eBay?


  1. I have several Vortex scopes and I can recommend them. I also have several scopes from Primary Arms and can recommend them as well. My use does not extend into the "hard use" category though. So if you're going to be going all high speed low drag with them, I don't know how they'll hold up.

  2. Send it in, get a new Vortex (I really like the ones I have), and use the replacement/coupon for something else.