Wednesday, May 24, 2023

How to Start a Revolution

5/6/23 Daily Mail:
"A Denver councilwoman has sparked fierce debate after suggesting that white-owned businesses pay additional tax, which would be given in reparations to the owners of minority-owned businesses."

Of course, contrary to the 14th Amendment.  Giving it to minority-owned businesses means redistributing to minorities with enough ambition to have started and run a business.  

This could never survive Supreme Court review.  Unless the Democrats were allowed to add six more justices.

She whines about white nationalists.  She is certainly going to make white nationalists more popular with angry people tired of being told that people who never owned slaves and received no benefit from slavery, since all the wealth slavery created was destroyed in the Civil War, now must pay money to people who were never slaves.  She includes brown people as well.  Hispanics were never slaves in America.  If course some blacks in America have ancestors that were never slaves.

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