Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Today's Surgeon Visit

The bad news is that if it is the valve failing, they cannot do it trans catheter.  The horse valve already in there is too long for a new valve to work. That means three months of painful recovery from cutting my chest open again.

The good news is that it might be an artery beginning to occlude or one of the existing stents having problems, not the valve. I am scheduled for an angiogram next Tuesday.  

The surgeon gave me the encouraging words that there is a 1 in 1000 risk of a bad result.  That was the odds on the 2014 angioplasty that caused my stroke.  Color me a little unenthused about my chances.

Do you know a rising American History specialist to take over for me?


  1. Word of advice: Second Opinion!

    And not from a local community hospital physician. Go to a major teaching/research hospital and ask for the head of the cardiothoracic surgery team. It may be a distance away and be inconvenient to get to, but I wouldn't trust a single opinion from a local physician who may or may not be up on the latest developments or, more importantly, may not be as polished and adept at diagnosing the condition and performing the surgery (whether general or through a catheter). Good luck Clayton. I'll remember you in my prayers.

  2. Please keep us informed as to when you may be going into the shop for this.