Thursday, May 25, 2023

Lysenko Won

A very disturbing article from Quilette about how the prominent astronomer Geoff Marcy (the guy who played a major part in exoplanet discovery techniques) has now been declared "unclean" and articles on which is a co-author are being pulled back and declared unfit for citation.

Even his actions back in the 2000s might in retrospect seem a bad idea, the merits of his work are not in question.

When science becomes beholden to the baying of the SJWs, science is in danger of becoming a religion.  Western Civilization is committing sepuku.


  1. SJW = Social Justice Whiners.
    Remember, great accomplishments are nothing compared to saying the right words or wearing suitable clothing. I only wish I had bought a copy of the shirt the man was wearing at the press conference when the European space agency, with him in the driver's seat landed that space craft on the comet.

  2. I don;'t think "Lysenkoism" is the correct analogy. Lysenko put forward false science, which was formed to fit with Communist political doctrine. His rubbish was endorsed by the political authorities, and dissenting from it became a political crime.

    The persecution of Marcy is purely personal. No one has claimed his work is invalid, or is advocating bogus alternate theory.

    This is more like the "Aryan Physics" program in Nazi Germany, under which some German scientists tried to erase "Jewish science" from their field.