Thursday, May 25, 2023

Lysenko Won

A very disturbing article from Quilette about how the prominent astronomer Geoff Marcy (the guy who played a major part in exoplanet discovery techniques) has now been declared "unclean" and articles on which is a co-author are being pulled back and declared unfit for citation.

Even his actions back in the 2000s might in retrospect seem a bad idea, the merits of his work are not in question.

When science becomes beholden to the baying of the SJWs, science is in danger of becoming a religion.  Western Civilization is committing sepuku.

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  1. SJW = Social Justice Whiners.
    Remember, great accomplishments are nothing compared to saying the right words or wearing suitable clothing. I only wish I had bought a copy of the shirt the man was wearing at the press conference when the European space agency, with him in the driver's seat landed that space craft on the comet.