Saturday, May 13, 2023

Color Me Unsurprised

4/5/23 The Economist:
"Prisha mosley was 17 when she was first given testosterone in a clinic in North Carolina, after she had declared to her parents that she was a boy. She had struggled through her teen years with anorexia and depression after a sexual assault. Luka Hein had both breasts removed as a 16-year-old in Nebraska. Chloe Cole, in California, was a year younger when she had her double mastectomy. She had been on testosterone and puberty-blocking drugs since 13, also after a sexual assault."

Teenaged girls victims of rape decide they want to be boys.  Is anyone even slightly surprised?  Tragedy, compounded by greedy medical professionals (and I use that word loosely) who saw a chance to make some money, created more tragedy.  States that are banning this abuse of minors are showing great courage going up against corporate seppuku such as Bud Lite 

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