Thursday, May 25, 2023

We Look Forward to Greater Idaho

 Greater Idaho:

The Wallowa County Clerk notified Greater Idaho volunteers this morning that the Greater Idaho measure has clinched a win. It has 8 more Yes votes than No votes and there are only 7 incomplete ballots left to be cured by voters, according to a statement at the movement’s website,

Professional Portland political operatives broke the law to try to hide who they were and how much money they were spending, but they still lost. Trying to associate normal rural Oregonians like the Greater Idaho movement with scary extremist groups did not work. The election results in Wallowa County this year were 1% more favorable than in the same County in 2020 despite the movement being outspent by social justice warriors this time.

Wallowa County only has two percent of the population of eastern Oregon, and its beautiful mountain views draw an unusually large percentage of upper-income residents from the Willamette Valley, who may have been less supportive of joining Idaho.

But in eastern Oregon overall, Greater Idaho ballot measures have now averaged 60% in favor since the first election 6 election cycles ago. The group has won 12 out of the 12 counties that have voted on such a measure.

If Portlandia releases them, Lesser Oregon will be free to make transphobia a crime; tax people who never owned slaves to pay reparations to people who were never slaves; give away fentanyl and heroin; tax incomes above $10,000 per year; replace every policeman with an "unarmed peace ambassador"; and make gun ownership a felony.  I think they would also lose a member of the U.S. House and Idaho get another. 

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