Monday, May 8, 2023

There is no Undo On That? Really?

A Follow-Up Study of Boys With Gender Identity Disorder 

Frontiers of Psychiatry

At 20, a follow-up with boys who transitioned.  (It is not clear how many were just pretending to be women, how many were hormonally destroyed and how many were castrated.)

"Of the 139 participants, 17 (12.2%) were classified as persisters and the remaining 122 (87.8%) were classified as desisters."

Persisters are those who persist in the female delusion.  Desisters seem to have recognized that they were men, no matter what was done to them or by them.

An awful lot of angry adults are going to want to do something in a few years.  If they decide to suicide in a blaze of publicity it will be the fault of gun owners.

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  1. There was a study in (IIRC) Switzerland back in the 90s or early 2000s of men who'd "transitioned".

    Turned out suicide rates went through the roof about 20 years after the hormones and surgery.

    Now keep in mind that this was back when there was a reasonable protocol--you had to discuss things with a psychologist and then "live as a woman" for a year before you got the drugs and surgery.

    We'll see.