Friday, May 26, 2023

Looking to Move to North Idaho

This place is turning into San Jose without the crime.  Traffic jams, long waits for restaurants and medical care, summer heat and brushfire smoke.

I saw this house and it is very attractive.  My wife and I want to live in a forest with dark skies and the illusion that there are miles to the nearest people.  To my pleasure, while winters are just as cold and snowy as Boise, summers are milder, seldom above mid-80s, perhaps because of lower elevation.  Property taxes are lower along with house prices.


  1. $619k for a barn?

    I'll just show myself out. :)
    It does look nice on the inside. On the other hand, isn't this near where the Sackett's had a tussle with the EPA?

  2. FWIW, I had a very nice little cabin near Darby, off grid, quite nice.

    I liked the area as well.

  3. Just so it doesn't become San Jose with the crazy voters.