Saturday, May 20, 2023

I Was Discussing the Madness With My Wife and Bang

There are characteristics and behaviors that we generally associate with boys or girls.  Boys who like to pretend to cook or paint pictures used to be considered sissies.  Reading too.  That made me something of an outcast.

There were tomboys: girls quite happy to climb trees, play football (at least flag football), explore the universe with chemistry kits or telescopes, build things.

A certain number of these atypical traits was not really a problem.  We did not regard a few atypical interests as indicating that there was something wrong with you.

Suddenly, if you do not conform perfectly to those stereotypical notions of being a boy or a girl, you must be stuck in the wrong body.

Wait a minute.  I thought the goal was to get past the narrow definitions of sexual roles.  Boys cannot be interested in art or dancing without being told that they are in the wrong body?  A girl who likes to work with Dad in the shop making stuff is obviously in the wrong body?

The Women's Movement was hijacked by doctors trying to make money by confusing kids and their parents.

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  1. It's all sex role stereotyping now. The Trans madness has put women's liberation back sixty years.